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Taking A Break In Your Relationship? Know All About It!

24th December 2017


There are times when a couple is in love but need some space from each other.

There are times when the tension, arguments and fights just get too much to handle.

If both of you love each other and yet seem to have difficulties in your relationship and bring out the worst in each other, consider this as a sign.

The need of the hour? Take A break!

It’s nothing complicated, don’t worry.

To get the answers to all your questions about ‘the break’, keep reading.


Don’t take it the wrong way.

When your partner tells you they want to take a break, it doesn’t necessarily means from you.

You have to understand their perspective. If this situation has come up, there’s something bothering them.


Possible reasons for a break

You can’t just take a break whenever you want. There may be more reasons for the break in a relationship, the most common are listed –

Claustrophobia Men, more than women, often fear of losing their freedom, their space. They must have some alone time. Their fear can lead them to taking this step.

Too much of each other – It is common for two people in love to never wanting to leave each other’s side. But when it gets too much, it’s a sign you need to stay apart.

Need time to think things through – Some relationship crisis just can’t be sorted through talking. If you feel to take a break to analyse a few things, you should. It’s better to go with your gut, a little break won’t hurt anyone.


The phase can be difficult, it will be worth it.

If you are not the one asking for the break, you will have a difficult time coping with the situation.

You are going to miss them, you will feel lonely without them. But the realization of you loving them and caring about them is a good thing.

The break will also give both of you the motivation to rise up from the misunderstandings and actually work on the issues you are facing with each other.

It will give both of you the time to calm things down, personally and with each other.


How long a break is necessary?

About 2-3 weeks is the perfect time for a break.

Anything less than that you might have even spent apart from each other in the past anyway. It’s not a holiday! And anything more than that you might end up forgetting each other.

But again, it varies from couple to couple and the issue because of which the situation has come to this point. Talk to each other.

And most importantly, make sure you don’t interfere in each other’s life for as long as the break is!


At last the truth!

There are TWO kinds of break in a relationship –

The one leading to makeup : If two people are genuinely interested in each other but just need some time to calm themselves down and sort out all the confusion, post the break, they are likely to get back together.

The one leading to breakup : If one or both partners are taking a break because they are not happy in the relationship or to get away from their partner because they can’t stand them, it’s a red flag. There are chances the break will likely lead to a breakup.


To gain clarity about the relationship, ask yourself these questions –

Are you missing your partner?

Do you feel you are satisfied and have sorted the issue you took the break for?

The most important, after your time apart, do you now feel you want them back in your life?


The conclusion.

The break in a relationship can turn out both good and bad.

Keeping an open mind, one must understand that fact that a relationship can come to and end post break after the realization that one of you is better off single.

If the relationship was already falling apart, it actually can, during the break, as it will push you apart.

On the positive note, things may improve as both of you gain clarity. You might get back together, stronger and better.

If you break up, understand that it is probably for the best.


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