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Let’s Talk About Periods – A Thought Provoking Campaign

23rd January 2018


Menstruation is a natural cycle, something that happens to half of the population. Yet it is a taboo.

Many of us still follow restrictions during ‘that time of the month’, women have to hush, hide their pads and tampons.

In India, the mere mention of period has been a taboo in the past, surprisingly, not much has changed today.

We call ourselves ‘modern’, but menstruation is still considered to be dirty and impure.

It’s high time that we talk openly about something which is as natural as breathing.



A brand and design consultancy, NH1 Design wants everyone to ‘open up and talk about periods without shame’ with their campaign Don’t Hide It. Period.

NH1 Design & Pallavi Mohan of Not So Serious have come together to address the longstanding taboo around menstruation.



The campaign aims at getting people to talk about periods openly, as well as is a new take on sanitary pad packaging.

It’s time we ditch that black packaging and get ourselves something fancy, something unconventional!


“Every girl/woman should have access to proper menstruation hygiene. This is just a step closer to what we envision, a world where both women and men and aware and consider it as a very important conversation that they need to have” says Pallavi.

Share your own #DontHideItPeriod message and share it on their website. They also allow you to share your message on social media to create awareness.



Though women and men have opened up about the topic of period in the urban parts of our country, villages still seem to remain untouched about the reality.

Neither do women in village have proper information about menstruation, nor do they have access to basic sanitary needs.

Myths and restrictions around menstruation have always been a part of society, and not just in India.

“Don’t touch the pickle during your periods, you will spoil it” or “Where are you going? You know you aren’t supposed to visit a holy place while on your period”. Heard such statements before?

Let’s be clear about it, there’s nothing ‘dirty’ about being on your period, it’s 100% normal and natural.



The sales proceeds from every purchase will be donated to The Better India, who are setting up a a factory in Ajmer, together with Aakar Innovations, , which will employ local women to manufacture and distribute biodegradable, low cost napkins.


You can buy a set of 10 sanitary pads with unique message exclusively on or Nykaa.


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