All About The Delhi Metro – Part 1

20th January 2018


Delhi is the heart of India. And what keeps this city running is it’s people.

Delhi Metro is the best thing to happen to Delhites which has helped speed up our life.

Our lives were just moving, it has become simpler and faster now that metro is in every corner of Delhi (and NCR).

Going to a new place? Just ask for the nearest metro station. Hassle free, (probably) cheap travelling.


Well, there’s a reason why an average of 25 Lakh people travel every day in the Delhi Metro.

Keep reading to know some lesser-known facts about the Delhi Metro.



1. No Traffic Jams.

2. Heat, cold or rain, you are protected.

3. Easy connectivity.

4. Frequent trains.

5. Secure premises.

6. Fast and affordable for long distances.



The escalators at the stations have a ‘sari guard’ feature, which stops saris from getting tangled in the escalators.



We all know how difficult it is for a woman to travel.

At odd hours or busy stations, when the general coaches are packed with all kinds of people, no woman feels safe (or possible) to enter the metro.

Luckily, the Delhi Metro is fully committed towards women’s safety. Delhi Metro has reserved a car for the lady passengers.

There’s also seats reserved for women in general coaches.

Being a totally secure area, the Delhi Metro is a safe option for women to travel.

Several teams are deployed for checking male commuters travelling in women’s coach.



There are not dustbins inside the metro stations (except in or around the shops), despite, the metro stations are mostly quite clean.



Delhi Metro has emerged as the most favored mode of urban transportation system in Delhi/NCR. One of the reasons is how safe it it.

Security personnel are deployed at outer access point, concourse level, checking points, platforms, station control rooms and tracks.

CCTV cameras are installed at all the metro stations for surveillance, which are monitered by CISF 24 by 7.

You need to get every piece of luggage you have scanned by the X-ray machines at entry point before you enter the train premises.

FYI, the X-ray machines are totally safe food (in case you were wondering!)

Male and female CISF officers can often be seen on the platform or metro station to maintain decorum.



The Delhi Metro is very disabled-friendly. The lifts have braille buttons. The lift buttons are placed lower for wheelchair accessibility, colored paths help people go across stations.



You don’t have to worry if you are leaving the office late because of an important meeting or have to catch an early train from the railway station.

Metro is the safest and the most reliable mode of transportation early in the morning or late at night.

Delhi Metro runs from 5:30 am up till 11:30 pm, though it varies from line to line.



The UN certified the DMRC as the first metro and rail-based system that gets carbon credits for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It reduced pollution levels by 630,000 tonnes per year.



With everything being done online, how could metro stay away from the advancement?

Did you know you can visit here to recharge your metro card online? Yep, it’s that easy.

Still looking for an easier method? Use Paytm. You might end up getting an offer cashback too!

Also, a few metro stations have installed wending machines to recharge cards and even to buy tokens.



Phase 1 of the metro (Red Line) was completed 3 years ahead of the schedule.


Did you know Rajiv Chowk and Kashmere Gate Metro Station are the most unsafe metro stations.


Coming up All About Delhi Metro – PART II with How NOT To Get Robbed In The Delhi Metro, tips and tricks for an easier journey!


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