Adult Relationships

6th August 2019



‘I don’t want to get married’

‘Single life is the best’

‘I have actually known life after breaking up’

‘Atleast you are not constantly answerable to someone’

‘I am staying a bachelor for the rest of my life’


99% of the friends in my life are guys. And at the age of 25 and having friends of similar age group, all I hear from them is how amazing singlehood has been to them, how happy they are the way their life is, without a girlfriend or a life. And I can’t help but wonder, where this generation is headed.

I remember the time when I used to have a boyfriend, how it felt to be in a relationship, to be with someone, to be in love, but that was over 2 years ago and boy how the times have changed.

Friends and family have become more important in life now, people have no time for relationship drama. And don’t get me wrong, there are still happy couples out there, there are still people who believe in the power of love, who still imagine falling and staying in love the classic bollywood way, but more than that, there are the ones who are happily single.



Talking about me, I am torn between ‘god has made that one person you are supposed to end up with’ and ‘how can one stay with the same person all of their life?’. I used to believe in bollywood love as well, but then one breakup changed everything for me. I went from ‘keeping everyone happy’ to ‘I live to make myself happy’ in the matter of months. I was with THE ONE and when that ended, I discovered a whole new world of testosterone pool after I decided to get back into the game of dating. I have dated almost every kind of guy and I can tell you this, it’s better to stay single.



With today’s lifestyle, the amount of options everyone has, the number of ways they have to kill time, a romantic relationship has become a very secondary aspect in everyone’s life. Either they don’t have time for one, or they don’t have the energy to indulge themselves in a relationship. Some are either emotionally unavailable or not willing to tie themselves down with just one person. Whatever the reason be, people are abstaining from getting romantically involved with someone.


I used to be a very caring, emotional and an easily vulnerable person. Getting involved with the messed up testosterone pool has made me change into this weirdly cold hearted, less caring of a human. And I would say one thing for it – ‘I would rather stay detached than getting involved and getting hurt’


People’s way of living and looking at life has changed. And with endless possibilities in life, priorities have changed. From being a hopeless romantic, the ever changing world changed me into a person I never imagined I could be, but now I am. Which lifestyle you choose depends on how you see life, what you are willing to accept and offer.

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