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5 Rules You Must Follow To Wake Up Beautiful and Gorgeous.

27th December 2017


The truth be told, it takes a whole lot of dedication and time to have that perfect skin you have always dreamed of.

We often find ourselves hitting that snooze button and then running to get ready because we are already late.

If you are a busy girl and don’t get much time in the morning to take care of your skin, how about we do all that at night? There’s a reason it’s called beauty sleep.

Keep reading for the 5 rules + some additional lifestyle tips in the end to help you take care of your body.



# 1 Cleansing

Did you know that only 50 % of the women wash their face regularly? Leaving all that dirt, makeup, products on your skin leads to acne, blackheads and early aging signs.

No matter how tired you are at night, you should at least do the bare minimum and wash your face before going to bed.

Using a face wash according to your skin type is the first step. If you wear makeup, make sure you use a good makeup remover and wipe off all of it before hitting the bed.


#2 Moisturize

After bathing, shaving or exfoliating, it is always advised to moisturize to restore the stripped the moisture and natural oils from the skin.

Dry and parched skin only leads to lines and wrinkles on your skin.

Any lotion or moisturizer that you like can be used, just make sure neither do you use less product, nor do you over-use it.


#3 Serum, if you like

A serum intents on delivering powerful ingredients directly into the skin.

Serums are super concentrated, hence is usually applied a pea size drop on the whole face.

Serums are known to hydrate your skin, increases nourishment, brighten skin tone and helps in preventing acne. It can also help in strengthening skin cells.

There are many different types of serums which provide different benefits and functions.

Not everyone includes a serum in their beauty regime, though if you want to, it is usually applied before moisturizer.


#4 Moisturizing more than just your face

Your hands and feet do so much throughout the day, don’t you think they deserve some love once in a while?

Invest in a good body scrub (or a separate one for feet) and scrub your hands and feet once every week.

But make sure you moisturize them every night. Clean your hands and feet and apply a foot cream and a hand cream as a last stop before hitting the bed.



#5 Don’t forget your lips

Give your lips some love. Make sure there is no lipstick on them.

Then exfoliating them either using a wet toothbrush or with a lip scrub (this can be done every other night).

Right after that, apply some lip balm and make sure your lips are properly hydrated so you wake up with the softest pout.


Ok, so the products will now be working on your skin, but did you know by changing some habits in your daily life, you can improve your skin quality too? Let’s get right into it then –


Tip 1 – Dip your feet in some warm water for a while. Toss in some foot soak in the bucket/tub.

It will not only relive stress from your legs and feet but also make your feet (especially your heels) all soft and help get rid of smelly feet.


Tip 2 – Make sure you change your pillow cover every 10-15 days. It can become a house of bacteria if not changed for a long period of time.


Tip 3 – If you know you’ll have time to wash your tresses in the morning, massage your hair with some warm oil at night every once in a while.

This will improve the blood circulation and also give your scalp and hair the hydration it needs.


Following a strict regime can be difficult sometimes, but make sure you try to maintain it.

Withing 3-4 weeks, you will see results for yourself, in your body and in your skin.

Invest in good quality products, according to your skin type.

Always remember ‘The Most Important Products Aren’t Always The Best’.


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