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21 Things Men Need To Know About Periods

22nd April 2018

Do guys do it by choice or is it just because of the taboo associated with ‘periods’ that doesn’t allow guys to know much about menstruation?

It’s about time that men learn a few things about something ever female goes through in her life and which is very much natural.

All the information you have acquired till date, you gotta update that, god knows what sh*t you were told.

Yup, we bleed for 5 days straight without dying, and your super power would be?

A period is nothing to be ashamed of, it’s actually a sign that a woman is healthy.


Here are the 21 things all men need to understand and learn about a woman and her body because well knowledge is power, guys :

  1. Every women has a different period phase
  3. Yes, we crave chocolate (and ever science has proven it)
  4. Periods are expensive
  5. We can be laughing one second and crying the other….
  6. ….. because hormones make us do things
  7. We are going to be cranky…
  8. … and not just during our period, but before too (duh, PMS!)
  9. We plan our outfits according to our cycle
  10. Period pain is equal to a heart attack (no kidding!)
  11. Don’t ever blame a woman’s period for anything….
  12. ….but she can and will blame it for everything
  13. Bloating is for real
  14. We need love and we need it from you
  15. We bleed for 5 day straight without dying, don’t ever tell us we can’t do something
  16. Period blood isn’t just blood, we a literally shed the wall of our uterus
  17. There is no shame in buying sanitary pads for us
  18. Our month is literally planned around our period
  19. Our breasts become really tender and sensitive (like really!)
  20. We do feel like shit and everything hurts 🙁
  21. An entire menstruation cycle  releases only one cup of blood


My question is for the guys reading this, there would have been things you’d have know about periods which are completely false, comment below.


Hope this helped you know the truths, yea?

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