13 Things You Will Relate To If You Are In An Introvert-Extrovert Relationship

8th April 2018


They introduce themselves as easily as “I am an introvert, I hate other people” and “I am an extrovert, I hate being alone” yet their relationship is as complicated as it can get.

Dating an introvert is one of the best romantic choice for anyone.

Being only 1/4th in population, the personality of an introvert is often confused with being boring and apathetic. Though you have to know them more to love them for the person they are.

Dating an extrovert is an adventure.

People fall in love with their spontaneous, fun-loving, life-of-the-party personality. Their adaptive nature lets them melt into any situation.

Come to think of it, an introvert and an extrovert are totally opposite. And come to think of it, opposites attract, making an introvert-extrovert relationship a great one.

What one partner lacks, the other more than makes up for it. They balance each other out.

If you are one of the partner in such a relationship, you are going to laugh and nod (a lot!) while you continue reading this article.


1. When you fight, one of you wants to sit and think while the other is eager to talk and resolve things

2. While you are alone together, one of you sees it as rejuvenation while the other finds it absolutely boring

3. After a long day, one of you prefers peace, the other wants to chat about his/her day

4. While one of you loves to talk talk and talk, the other one just listens

5. While one of you is the life of the party, the other one likes it better to sit in a corner

6. Talking about a date, where one of you likes to Netflix & Chill, the other would want to go out

7. If something bothers you, one of you wants to NOT talk about it, while the other likes to be verbal (which also includes a lot of cussing)

8. It is amazingly easy for one of you to meet new people while the other tends to stay in their small circle of close friends

9. When one of you likes to stay alone at times, it is the perfect time for the other one to socialize

10. In situations, where one of you takes spontaneous decisions, the other one thinks things over and is there to your rescue

11. One of you is very much verbal about your feelings while the other just keeps their thoughts to themselves

12. Having different personalities, both of you disagree on a lot of things but can’t ignore the fact that you complete each other

13. While each of you might sometimes hate the fact that you are different in many aspects, loving each other makes it totally worth it


Comment below which personality you are from the two and how different are you from your partner!

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